Streamline Processes and Reduce Redundancy

Organizations lacking in automating business practices suffer from redundant work across all departments and inconsistent reports and assumptions derived from a multitude of data sets based on the department’s role in the organization. This equates to lost time and money and the risk of making ill-informed decisions. Organizations also experience low morale, as having different processes for a single outcome trickles down to the employee level causing a lot of finger pointing.

Business Automation improves how processes are run throughout a program, increasing organizational efficiency.

OnIndus Project Business Automation

Quality & Consistency

Automation assures each task is performed the same, all the time, across the entire organization.

Time Savings

Automation eliminates manual tasks and the chance for human error, enabling individuals to get more done, in the same amount of time.

Metric Visibility

Automation delivers key metrics in a consistent, reliable format with real-time data so each key stakeholder in the AECO ecosystem is receiving and reacting to the same data.

Improved Operational Efficiency

Automation ensures systems and processes are running smoothly, and errors are eliminated, and best practices are constantly in play.

Reduced Costs

Automation allows you to do more, faster and free up key resources to focus on critical program related activitie

How We Streamline Processes and Reduce Redundancy

The outcome of automation is tangible. It delivers cost and time savings, consistent metric visibility and quality, and consistency not just throughout the capital improvement department but across the entire organization.


Documenting configurable controls and recommending improved configurations to optimize compliance and control.


Rationalizing the overall environment to reduce the number of overall controls, decrease the reliance on manual controls and increase the use of automated controls.


Designing and implementing custom automated tests that examine configuration data, master data and transaction data to address high-priority control issues unique to the organization.


Implementing continuous monitoring tools such as detective controls alerting of changes or activities that warrant investigation.

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