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Decarbonizing Your Asset Portfolio: Building a Low-Carbon Future webinar

Watch OnIndus’s groundbreaking webinar on sustainable construction! On December 15th, 2023, OnIndus hosted a webinar that promises to revolutionize the way we build towards a greener, more sustainable future, essential for those passionate about sustainable construction. Learn from industry leaders, including Bret Elam- Sr. Manager- Healthcare, OnIndus, Richie Stever – VP of Real Estate and Construction, University of Maryland Medical System, and Anil Sawhney – Head of Sustainability for the Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors (RICS), to shape a greener, more sustainable construction landscape.

AI Excellence Unveiled: Transformative Insights from Our Exclusive Event

Missed our groundbreaking event on AI excellence? No worries! Catch all the transformative insights and discussions that unfolded. Witness the captivating conversations led by industry experts who have redefined the landscape of AI innovation. From unlocking new possibilities to shaping lasting change, this video is your ticket to the forefront of cutting-edge AI insights. The future is now, and the power of AI awaits you. Hit play and dive into a world where excellence knows no bounds!

YouTube video
YouTube video
Mastering Funding Management Webinar By OnIndus, Kahua And Government Technology

Struggling with juggling funding sources and project costs? Look no further! Join us in revisiting our enlightening webinar, “From Complex to Simple: Managing Funding Sources Painlessly,” presented by Kahua and Government Technology. Gain valuable insights and strategies from industry experts, including Stephen Sproul from the OnIndus team, on simplifying funding management through technology. This webinar is your key to unlocking effective ways to streamline your funding processes.

Schedule Management Adoption by USC

Are unclear schedules and inconsistent data a challenge in achieving success? Learn how to define, enhance, and measure schedule performance like never before. Get industry insiders from the experts, Harpreet Chawla-Suji, CSPO®– Sr. Capital Program Analyst at ONINDUS, and Irene Olivas Seatter, Interim Associate Vice President CFA at the University of Southern California. Explore the pivotal role of schedule management in gaining project success.

YouTube video
YouTube video
Revolutionizing Decision-Making in Capital Projects with Dashboard Analytics

Discover the future of project management in our recent webinar, “Revolutionizing Decision-Making in Capital Projects: Harnessing the Power of Dashboards for Enhanced Project Controls!” In this enlightening weinar, industry experts Sid Shah from OnIndus, Amber Liebel, and Linda Shilley from Pierce Transit shared invaluable insights into the potential of Dashboard Analytics to empower informed decision-making.

Kahua Partner Webinar OnIndus Presents Wrangling Your Data

Sid Shah from OnIndus joined the Webinar of Kahua and ENR as a panelist to discuss the strategies to overcome challenges posed by inefficient project management practices. Explore the nuances of efficient data management in the Capital Project Industry. Discover the pivotal role of integrated solutions in achieving actionable insights. This webinar highlights the significance of data tracking for crucial elements such as progress, funding, and scheduling in successful capital programs. At OnIndus, We help owners in their complete data management process, get in touch to know more !

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