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Expert Project Guidance: From Initiation to Completion

OnIndus offers comprehensive services in capital project technology and advisory to streamline your project management needs. With our technology solutions, we empower you to manage projects efficiently, enhance transparency, and make data-driven decisions. Our advisory services provide expert guidance and support throughout your project lifecycle, ensuring strategic planning, risk mitigation, and optimal resource utilization. Trust OnIndus for innovative solutions and expert advice to drive success in your projects.

Streamline. Optimize. Innovate

OnIndus offers innovative technology solutions, expert advisory services, and specialized government contracting expertise for streamlined project management and success.

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Construction Advisory

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Construction Technology

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Government Contracting

Capital Project Advisory


Facility Advisory

OnIndus, is your one-stop for first-rate facility management consultancy firm in the market, providing comprehensive answers to enhance your facilities management practices.

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Capital Projects Advisory

OnIndus Capital Projects Advisory helps with demonstrated decision frameworks and capital project delivery methods that help clients make analysis-driven capital investment decisions.

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 BIM Advisory ICON

BIM Advisory

OnIndus is your trusted partner for BIM advisory services, having the power to transform your organization. Our expertise ensures that your BIM strategy is efficient, cost-effective, and aligned with industry best practices.

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 System Assessment Icon

System Assessment

OnIndus provides a thorough PMIS assessment that goes beyond a simple evaluation; it delves into the specific needs of your construction projects.

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System Selection

OnIndus’ expertise lies in choosing the right PMIS (eBuilder, Kahua, Procore, Unifier) for seamless operations. It organizes, plans, and ensures everything runs smoothly.

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Digital Roadmap Icon

Digital Roadmap

Whether you aim to implement a new solution or incorporate additional features or modules to elevate your existing system, OnIndus cuts through the noise and maps your perfect solution.

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Organization Change Management

OnIndus assists organizations in navigating the challenges associated with digital transformation by developing effective change management strategies.

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Construction Technology

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PMIS Support

Maximize project efficiency with OnIndus’ PMIS support, ensuring streamlined workflows and enhanced productivity for your business.

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Data Integration Icon

Data Integration

OnIndus’ Data Integration Solutions seamlessly integrate diverse data sources to ensure a smooth convergence within your Project Management Information System (PMIS).

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 Data Migration Icon

Data Migration

Elevate your project management efficiency with OnIndus’ Data Migration Services, which seamlessly consolidate data from various sources into a centralized system, ensuring accuracy, security, and a unified view of critical information.

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CMMS Implementation Icon

CMMS Implementation

Maximize operational efficiency with OnIndus ‘CMMS Implementation service, optimizing maintenance processes for streamlined performance.

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CMMS Support Icon

CMMS Support

Ensure smooth operations with OnIndus’CMMS Support service, offering expert assistance for efficient maintenance management.

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 BIM Implementation Icon

BIM Implementation

Leverage OnIndus’ expertise for seamless BIM Implementation, enhancing project collaboration and efficiency in construction projects.

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 BIM Support Icon

BIM Support

Get comprehensive BIM support from OnIndus for streamlined project coordination and optimized construction processes.

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PMIS Training Icon

PMIS Training

OnIndus offers specialized training sessions catering to various PMIS platforms, including e-Builder,Unifier, Kahua PMIS, and Procore PMIS.

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Project Controls Icon

Project Controls

OnIndus helps you implement proper planning and procedures with a primary focus on managing projects’ cost and schedule.

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PMIS Implementation Icon

PMIS Implementation

OnIndus is dedicated to assisting you in the seamless implementation of a Project Management Information System (PMIS).

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Reporting/Business Intelligence Icon

Reporting/Business Intelligence

Drive informed decisions with OnIndus’ Reporting/Business Intelligence service, empowering data-driven insights for optimized performance.

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Digital Twin Strategy Icon

Digital Twin Strategy

Maximize operational efficiency with OnIndus’ digital twin strategy for advanced data analytics and predictive maintenance.

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Government Contracting

Trusted experts in government technology construction solution

Founded in 2018, OnIndus is a certified Minority Business Enterprise in Boca Raton, Florida that provides digital construction transformation solutions that benefit owners, as well as front-line workers in the field. We help owners of government construction projects to realize their PMIS investments by managing and integrating construction technology for large capital projects.We have worked with various government agencies across the U.S.

We are a certified Minority Business Enterprise (MBE)

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National Minority Supplier Development Council (NMSDC)

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We empower capital project owners to realize their expected ROI from PMIS faster and more efficiently by avoiding existing and potential risks. Our team of experts, with decades of experience, minimizes risks and keeps your project on track for on-time completion.

How we create transparency for all key stakeholders?

We help medium and large companies achieve their goals faster and more efficiently through technology optimization. Our nationwide team brings extensive experience working with government agencies and ensures your project adheres to all regulations. We leverage technology to streamline processes and get your project running on time and within budget.

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