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Martin Aztiazarain

Martin Aztiazarain

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Change Management Expert

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Change Management Organization

Change Management system improvement

Create transparency for all stakeholders while training users on how to use and optimize the new system improvements.

capital improvement technology

We communicate the reason and vision for change and drive it from the top down as owners move to modernize their capital improvement technology.

Changes in construction projects are not uncommon at all. Many factors contribute to their occurrence. These could happen at any stage of a capital project and can lead to considerably higher costs as well as delayed project schedules.

OnIndus Harmony

Centralize the tracking and progress reporting of your organization’s training efforts.

OnIndus Harmony is a learning platform that delivers custom module training to those working in your PMIS – contractors and owners. With custom training modules and reporting it will be clear to owners which users are maximizing the PMIS and who needs additional training.

We Follow the 7Rs of Change Management

7R of the change

We Follow the 7Rs of Change Management

who raised
Reason for the change
return on the change
Risk of the change
Resources needed

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