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Organizations lacking in automating business practices suffer from redundant work across all departments and inconsistent reports and assumptions derived from a multitude of data sets based on the department’s role in the organization. This equates to lost time and money and the risk of making ill-informed decisions. Organizations also experience low morale, as having different processes for a single outcome trickles down to the employee level causing a lot of finger pointing.

Take a short quiz to see where you rank!

    Question 1 : Are you confident in your cost tracking and reporting?
    ake a short quiz to see where you rank!

    Question 2 : How many people do you rely on for program status reports and dashboards?

    Question 3 : Is your financial system talking – integrated - with your PMIS?
    Question 4 : How is your Asset Handover to Operations Process?
    A - We got it down!B - Could be betterC - Non-existent!
    Question 5 : How often are project managers updating project schedules?




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