Oracle Unifier

Oracle Unifier Unifier: The Key to Complete Project Lifecycle Management

OnIndus, a certified Oracle Unifier Unifier Partner, gives complete control over your project lifecycles and maximizes capital budget utilization with a centralized project portfolio management system. This integrated solution connects critical functions like funding, budgeting, contracts, procurement, and change management, streamlining workflows and boosting forecasting accuracy, contract administration, cash flow control, and cost management.

With 20 years of expertise and providing Oracle Unifier’s stability and world-class security.

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Oracle Unifier PMIS Assessment

The technological landscape is evolving rapidly, are you?

Oracle Unifier Implementation

Do you also believe that the only constant in project management is chaos? Not with OnIndus

Data Integration & Migration

Fragmented information can be a costly hurdle. Let us make it a cohesive narrative for you

Data Analytics

Buried beneath a mountain of project data?

Project Controls

Juggling budgets, timelines, and surprises – is that the daily grind of your construction projects?

Oracle Unifier PMIS Training & Support

OnIndus don’t just hand you a map, but help you navigate with confidence throughout

Are project delays and cost overrun a constant headache?

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