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Technology has made its way to the construction industry and is modernizing the way building and infrastructure programs are run. When disparate enterprise systems manage core components of a project—such as scheduling, funding status, bids awarded, invoices, and accounting—they do not share real-time data with your organization’s PMIS, leaving program managers at a disadvantage when trying to gain complete visibility into the health of their programs.

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Program managers oversee millions of dollars and need to have confidence they can answer questions such as:

Are we on schedule?

How much have change orders cost us?

What caused this change order?

Where are we on cash flow?

Where are the approved architecture drawings?

Who signed off on this change?

Has ACME contractor been paid?

When are the electricians coming in?

The auditors are coming. Where can they access ABC?

OnIndus Maestro simplifies the sharing of critical data across an owner organization, enabling consistency and accuracy in day-to-day operations and eliminating redundant data entry and data entry errors. In addition, sharing data and information supports a collaborative work environment.

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