OnIndus hosts a webinar on “Decarbonizing Your Asset Portfolio: Building a Low-Carbon Future.”

At OnIndus, we understand our responsibility towards the environment and educating the fellow construction professionals about the same is one of our priorities. In the series of Sustainable infrastructure development, we are coming up with a webinar on – Decarbonization in the Construction Industry. This groundbreaking event promises to revolutionize the way we build and contribute to a more sustainable, environmentally conscious future.

On December 15th, 2023, from 11 AM to 12 PM EST, our webinar, “Decarbonizing Your Asset Portfolio: Building a Low-Carbon Future,” is a transformative exploration into sustainable practices, carbon reduction technologies, and the pivotal role of the construction industry in building a greener tomorrow.

Event Highlights:

  • Expert insights from industry leaders
  • Strategies for sustainable construction
  • Carbon reduction technologies
  • Regulatory insights and compliance

Why is it Important ?

Discover the significance of Decarbonisation – a key process to eliminate carbon emissions. Learn why it’s imperative for the long-term health of our planet and how upcoming regulations are reshaping the construction landscape.

Who Should Attend ?

This webinar is for Owners focused on healthcare, public sector, commercial and university leaders, financial leaders, facilities management professionals, construction experts, and industry consultants – anyone passionate about sustainable construction practices.

Why Attend this Webinar?

Key Takeaways:

Insights You’ll Gain from Attending Our Decarbonisation in Construction Webinar:

  • Strategies for Sustainability: Discover effective strategies employed by a large healthcare system for decarbonisation. Learn how they navigated challenges and turned strategies into practical actions, setting a blueprint for sustainable construction practices.
  • Navigating Regulatory Landscape: Understand the evolving regulatory landscape and how it shapes the construction industry. Gain insights into upcoming regulations and discover proactive approaches to ensure compliance and avoid financial penalties.
  • Real-world Case Study: Hear directly from Richie Stever, VP of Real Estate and Construction at the University of Maryland Medical System. Explore a real-world case study, understanding how a healthcare giant tackled decarbonisation challenges within its extensive infrastructure.
  • Global Perspective on Infrastructure: Delve into the global perspective on infrastructure management with Anil Sawhney, Ph.D., Director of the Infrastructure Sector at RICS. Learn about industry standards, best practices, and global initiatives driving sustainable infrastructure development.
  • Efficient Project Controls: Uncover the importance of establishing precise project controls. Learn how efficient documentation and execution of these controls align with auditors’ requirements, ensuring transparency and accountability in project management.
  • Adapting Strategies to Your Context: Gain actionable insights that can be adapted to diverse contexts. Whether you’re in healthcare, university management, finance, facilities, construction, or consultancy, learn strategies applicable to your specific sector within the construction industry.
  • Networking Opportunities: Connect with industry peers, professionals, and experts during the webinar. Engage in discussions, share experiences, and expand your network within the community dedicated to driving sustainability in construction.

What Will You Learn ?

Explore how a large healthcare system identified effective decarbonisation strategies and turned them into actionable solutions. Gain insights to reduce emissions and avoid significant financial penalties.

About the Speakers

Bret Elam
Sr. Manager- Healthcare, OnIndus

Richie Stever
VP of Real Estate and Construction, University of Maryland Medical System.

Anil Sawhney
Head of Sustainability for the Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors (RICS)

To know more follow our LInkedin page, stay tuned for a session that will redefine the landscape of construction, offering a blueprint for a greener, more sustainable industry.

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