4 ‘Must Ask’ Questions Before Hiring an e-Builder Consultant

4 ‘Must Ask’ Questions Before Hiring an e-Builder Consultant

Managing construction projects can be challenging, especially when the project leaders are swamped with managing various operations and have to ensure that the project stays on track. There are some common challenges that project leaders have to face at different stages of a project. Such as: 

  • Maintain the budget 
  • Meet the timelines
  • Team collaboration and communication
  • Data management 

Failing to mitigate the above challenges can lead to project delay, loss of capital, and multiple reworks. 

The root of most of the project challenges is poor communication and the lack of a structured approach to completing the project. Therefore, many leading project leaders trust construction management software tools like e-Builder. e-Builder construction project management software can help construction owners and managers to have a bird’s eye view of all the construction processes and avoid cost overruns, delays, and underutilization of resources. 

The e-Builder platform helps track and manage essential project data at all stages, from planning, design, and procurement to construction and closeout. 

On one hand, it solves the problem of user accessibility and report generation, while on the other hand, it brings digitization to the project and creates a systemized database of all the scattered physical documents. Additionally, e-Builder helps in various other processes such as scheduling, process automation, document management, bid management, cost management, reporting, and different dashboards. Project leaders and facility owners can leverage the capabilities of e-Builder construction project management to maintain the original profit margins by avoiding possible rework, losses, and project delays.

So a project owner gets Visibility-Accessibility-Transparency-Accuracy-Security while using e-Builder to manage their construction projects. 

Once deciding to digitize the construction process with e-Builder, one major concern worries the project leaders – How to seamlessly integrate e-Builder into their current system without disrupting their workflows? Thankfully, e-Builder consultants can help project owners and managers integrate e-Builder with their system to manage the construction project effectively. e-Builder consultants are trained professionals with industry experience. They can also offer e-Builder training to your team members to get well-versed with all the functionalities of the construction project management software. But how do you find the best e-Builder consultants? Don’t worry; here are the factors you need to consider to find the best ones.

1. Do they have industrial expertise?

For a construction software consultant, it’s not enough to have the technical know-how of e-Builder; instead, in-depth fundamental knowledge of construction project management is more important to help the owners with effective solutions. Besides this, having vast industrial experience of working with different companies helps a consultant to understand the types of business problems that arise during different implementation phases. An experienced consultant can not only integrate the software into your existing system but can also help your team get acquainted with different features to become self-reliant problem solvers.

2. Can They Help During the Transition Phase?

The e-Builder integrations can be complicated to understand at first. There will also be a learning curve for your team members till they get thoroughly well-versed with the platform. Therefore the construction software consultants must offer seamless support during this transition phase and provide adequate e-Builder training. They should be prompt to solve common queries and problems that might arise during the integration. With this level of support from the consultants, it will be easier to resolve the issues and ensure fast & error integration of e-Builder construction management software.

3. What Kind of Role Do You Want to Offer Them?

Successful e-Builder integration is vital for smooth operations and usage of the software. It can become a challenging task at different levels, and there you would need full availability and support from the consultants. Therefore, you need e-Builder consultants who have been in similar situations and must have overcome the challenges. Before hiring a consultant, an owner needs to have role clarity; whether they want an in-house, full-time consultant, or a third-party resource will solve the purpose. This clarity comes after multiple discussions with the PMIS solution providers and after assessing the project requirement. Additionally, hiring an e-Builder consultant who specializes in these integrations would be a better decision to ensure seamless integration of PMIS, and they must be authorized by the vendor to offer e-Builder consultation to your team.

e-Builder consultant

 4. Do They Bring in Technical Expertise?

One of the most common but most frustrating challenges of ensuring a seamless e-Builder process workflow is unsound integration. In many instances, third-party integrators fail to eliminate data silos that dramatically affect the entire project lifecycle. When the legacy and digital systems are not sharing information in real-time, internal departments get disconnected from the external contractors, which leads to miscommunication. Seasoned e-Builder consultants bring years of technical expertise in leveraging various data exchange tools, custom-built APIs, and pre-built integrations to help businesses share information with a broader team. With unique data migration methods and technical enhancements, the e-Builder construction project management software can become a catalyst in ensuring that all the project stakeholders have accurate and up-to-date information wherever and whenever required.

Hiring an e-Builder consultant can affect the entire system integration and the success of a capital program. So It is always better to go with e-Builder consulting firms with substantial experience working with multiple construction leaders and facility owners. They can offer holistic consultation to integrate an e-Builder construction management software in your organization. 

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