Tip 1: Identifying Observations & Uncovering Risk

Identifying Observations & Uncovering Risk

Most owner project management information system (PMIS) for large scale capital construction projects manage data such as supporting documentation and information as supplemental information related to the project, rather than noting it as a key data point of critical information.

Take a simple project observation.

Most systems collect the standard information, such as the description and perhaps a written description of the location. That is it, no other detail on the issue, the location of the observation, etc.

Let’s admit we need to start doing things right.  A site observation is something that is recorded on the job site as a safety issue or as something that needs to be addressed based on how it was performed on the project. Needless to say, “They’re kind of a big deal!”

With that said, Procore makes the sharing, the call to action, and the overall tracking of a field observation very simple. This video explains it all! 

All observations can be referenced directly in the final set of the construction drawings which saves time for the Owner and stakeholders.

The reviewer can then mitigate the observed problem faster, saving time, and increasing productivity. Not only can the reviewers see the observation location on the drawing but also any notes, data attributes for the observation visually, etc.

This may seem like a simple task and most of all it is perfectly logical. Other systems present the management of these transactions “backward.” Other capital construction pmis software comparison software will furnish the recipient of the observation with the narrative detail and a written description of the location. This may not sound like much of an issue, but all of us know that not everyone is good at describing a location. This solution eliminates confusion and takes the “observations” directly where they need to go and the issue can be resolved faster without getting lost in translation; saving both time and money!

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