What Does a Business Intelligence Consultant Do?

Businesses from different industries leverage data and statistics to optimize their decision-making. However, it is not easy to derive useful insight from big data which is largely unorganized. In this situation, a business intelligence (BI) consultant comes with great help. They are the professionals who utilize innovative tools and technology to harness data’s power, enhance efficiency, and boost growth. Through this blog, we will explore how BI consultants can help you in your business, stay tuned!

What Business Intelligence (BI) Consulting Involves?

Today, every growing business generates big data that is raw. Companies must know how to filter this data to derive useful insights and ensure their growth. However, dealing with such a large amount of data is not easy and takes a lot of time. Business intelligence consulting helps you in this aspect. It deals with the conversion of raw data into useful insights easily to help companies. BI consultants collaborate with businesses to understand their vision and align the statistical insights derived through raw data to suggest the pathway of growth. The primary work of BI consultants is to analyze and visualize raw data in a way that is clear and easy to comprehend to enhance the effectiveness of a company’s decision-making process.

Core Responsibilities of A BI Consultant

With an important role, a BI consultant has significant responsibilities that affect the organization’s performance. Here are some major ones:

  1. Data Analysis: A BI representative’s responsibility is to analyze facts. This includes extracting facts from various resources and performing statistical analyses to perceive traits, patterns, and anomalies. The intention is to offer insights that assist you in understanding your performance and identify possibilities for development.
  2. Reporting: BI experts create reports and handle dashboards that present data effortlessly and comprehensively. They use diverse tools and technology to visualize facts, making it easier for stakeholders to interpret and act upon the insights. Effective reporting is critical for making statistics-driven choices and ensuring everyone is aligned with the business goals. Similarly, OnIndus offers you consultancy services and a dashboard kit, which you can explore to experience the benefits of effective reporting.
  3. Consulting: BI consultants provide strategic consulting services beyond data analysis and reporting. They help businesses become aware of their key performance indicators (KPIs), set up facts and governance frameworks, and develop information techniques that align with business goals. This involves deeply understanding the client’s enterprise, business methods, and general performance metrics.

Common Tools and Technologies Used by BI Consultants

BI specialists use numerous tools and technology to perform their duties successfully. Some of the most commonly used tools are:

  1. SQL: SQL (Structured Query Language) is a fundamental device for BI specialists. It is used for querying databases, extracting facts, and acting in complex data analysis. Proficiency in SQL is essential for any BI professional because it is the basis for evaluating facts.
  2. Power BI: Power BI is a powerful records visualization tool developed by Microsoft. It permits BI consultants to create interactive dashboards and reports that can be effortlessly shared with stakeholders. Power BI is famous for its user-friendly interface and strong statistics integration capabilities.
  3. Tableau: Tableau is a popular statistics visualization device in the BI network. It offers advanced features for developing dynamic and interactive visualizations, making it easier for users to explore and recognize their facts.
  4. AI And Machine Learning: With the appearance of artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML), BI experts are increasingly leveraging this technology to enhance their information analysis competencies. AI and ML can help identify innovative insights and information that are impossible to obtain through traditional methods.

The Role of Business Intelligence Consultants in Capital Projects

BI consultants play a massive role in ensuring the success of capital projects. Every capital project manager can leverage the support of a BI consultant in optimizing effective decision-making and derive desired results. Here are a few applications of BI consultants that every capital project manager must keep in mind:

  1. Data Analysis: If you want to expand your capital projects, you must understand the utility of data analysis in your success. Properly integrating, managing, and analyzing data your operations produce greatly benefits you by ensuring your success. It offers the power to predict your future and helps you mitigate risk, reduce costs, etc. The role of BI consultants in analyzing data is enormous. You can get their help performing data analytics in much simpler terms. BI consultants are trained in integrating and managing data effectively; thus, they offer you more convenience.
  2. Performance Monitoring: BI consultants utilize technological tools like dashboards to monitor the capital project to ensure that performance meets the desired target. They are great at tracking KPIs like budget status, resource utilization, and frequency of risk. Tracking all these KPIs ensures that your project doesn’t go off track.
  3. Optimum Utilization of Resources: BI ensures the optimum utilization of resources in capital projects. They understand the resource needs of capital projects and track their deployment. BI consultants ensure no resource shortage throughout a capital project’s timeline and reduce resource wastage. BI consultants analyze the correct resource requirements and plan them in advance so that no bottlenecks occur while working on the project. 
  4. Clear communication: BI consultants help you establish clear communication with your team members and other stakeholders. Their innovative tools help you develop well-structured reports with refined data and valuable findings. These reports are a great way to convey the project’s progress to the team members and stakeholders to clarify where the project is headed.

Challenges In the Field

BI experts face numerous challenges, such as information-related troubles, integrating disparate information resources, and keeping up with rapidly evolving technologies. Ensuring information privacy and protection is likewise a huge issue, specifically when handling sensitive records.

Future Of BI Consulting

The future of BI consulting looks promising, with improvements in AI and system learning anticipated to play a significant role. As corporations continue to generate large quantities of data, the demand for skilled BI experts will only grow if you are also looking for an experienced BI professional to improve your company’s performance, connect with OnIndus. We at OnIndus offer seamless consulting, training, and support to utilize construction project technologies and enhance project management. Our consulting and change management services are primarily focused on growing your potential to see through crucial business insights and act on time. Along with the smooth transition, OnIndus offers seamless management. To learn more about what we offer, connect with us on our website!


Organizations interested in using statistics to inform their strategic choices require the services of business intelligence specialists. Analysis of records, reporting, and strategic consulting are some of the ways by which they help in enhancing performance. The role of BI consultants is becoming even more crucial as technology evolves. In this kind of situation, you can rely on professionals such as OnIndus who can increase your knowledge base and refine corporate decision-making processes. We will be instrumental in improving the company’s overall performance and positioning it as a leader in capital projects!


Q: What skills are vital for a BI Consultant?

Essential competencies for a BI representative encompass statistics analysis, SQL skills, experience with records visualization tools like Power BI and Tableau, and AI and machine learning knowledge. Strong communication and consulting abilities are also vital.

Q: Which industries benefit most from BI Consulting?

Healthcare, finance, retail, production, and telecommunications are industries that gain the most from BI consulting. However, any industry that uses statistics to make knowledgeable decisions can also benefit from BI consulting.

Q: How does BI Consulting improve the overall performance of an enterprise?

BI consulting improves enterprise performance by providing actionable insights that assist corporations in making information-driven choices. This can result in elevated performance, decreased prices, enhanced consumer satisfaction, and more desirable general performance.

Q: How do BI Consultants use the standard tools?

Common tools used by BI consultants include SQL for information querying, Power BI and Tableau for records visualization, and AI and system studying technology for advanced records analysis. Other tools may also include facts integration systems and reporting software.

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