Conquer Project Management Challenges with OnIndus Dashboard Kit

In a world of increasing complexity, the idea of simplifying capital project management, enhancing transparency, and boosting efficiency without significant costs or a steep learning curve seems like a visionary reality. Isn’t it?  Even seasoned program managers face challenges dealing with multiple project teams collaborating, tracking projects’ progress, and meeting various timelines.

But, if we tell you, there is a way to streamline your capital project management, promote transparency, and boost efficiency without requiring considerable investment or training?

Yes! OnIndus Dashboard Kit – Reporting Package is one such easy-to-use set of 5 pre-built dashboards to take care of all these challenges for capital projects of all sizes.

OnIndus Dashboard Kit – Reporting Packages

The OnIndus Dashboard Kit – Reporting Package is designed to fill this gap, offering easy-to-use, feature-rich, technically advanced, and quick dashboards These dashboards can help capital project decision-makers achieve efficiency, accuracy, and transparency in their capital projects. The dashboards are designed to help project owners manage key project data throughout the project life cycle. The solution offers a set of interactive pre-built reporting dashboards where teams can manage deadlines, costs, control & monitor expenses, workload and resources. The real-time data sharing, analytics, and reporting features of the dashboard kit further enhance project transparency and productivity while streamlining the workflows.

Ensuring ease of use, the Kit features a meticulous yet simple organization of functions across five pre-built reporting dashboards.

1. Project Dashboard:

The Project Dashboard empowers capital project owners with invaluable insights, offering tailored business benefits:

  • Project-Specific Information: Gain a comprehensive understanding of a selected project with cards showcasing vital Projects and Project Custom fields, providing a holistic understanding, crucial for business users.
  • Construction % Complete Bar: Track your project advancement effortlessly with the Construction % Complete bar, offering a clear visual representation based on Project Custom fields.
  • Cost Summary Bar Chart: Navigate project finances seamlessly, highlighting critical financial aspects like the current budget, commitments, and approved actuals. Gain a concise yet thorough view of the project’s financial well-being.

Filters: Leverage customizable filters for Project and Project Custom fields, enabling business users to personalize the data view based on their specific requirements.

Benefits for Capital Project Owners:

  • Data-Driven Decision-Making: Utilize the Project Dashboard to empower capital project owners with real-time, project-specific data on crucial metrics, fostering data-driven decision-making.
  • Financial Health Assessment: Gain immediate access to a project’s financial health through the cost summary bar chart, facilitating proactive budget management and cost control measures.
  • Construction Progress Monitoring: Track project milestones efficiently with the Construction % Complete Bar, offering a visual representation of construction progress for timely completion.
  • Customized Data Analysis: Project owners can personalize data analysis with filters, focusing on specific projects or criteria aligned with unique business requirements.
  • Streamlined Project Oversight: Consolidate key project details and financial metrics in one dashboard to enhance oversight capabilities for capital project owners, simplifying monitoring and management processes.

2. Program Overview Dashboard:

The Project Overview Dashboard in our toolkit offers vital Program Level information:

  • Project Count, Current Budget, Current Commitment, Actuals Approved: Quickly grasp essential project details with these cards.
  • Dollar Amount Bar Chart: Easily visualize the breakdown of the current budget, current commitments, and actuals approved with a user-friendly bar chart.
  • Project Count by Phase: Gain valuable insights into project distribution across various phases.
  • Current Budget by Type: Comprehend budget distribution based on project types through clear and concise visual representation.

Filters: Customize the data presentation using filters for Project and Project Custom fields, aligning with specific business needs.

Benefits for Capital Project Owners:

  • Comprehensive Program Overview: Owners gain enhanced program insights through a consolidated view of project counts and financials.
  • Financial Transparency: The dollar amount bar chart breaks down the budget, commitments, and approved actuals, providing clear financial transparency.
  • Informed Decision-Making: Make strategic decisions with project count by phase and budget by type, optimizing resource allocation.
  • Personalized Data Analysis: Filters offer flexibility to slice and analyze data according to unique requirements, ensuring a personalized and effective project management approach.

3. Capital Program Schedule Dashboard:

The Capital Program Overview Dashboard in our toolkit focuses on Program Schedule insights:

  • Project Overview: Provides a comprehensive overview of the total number of projects within the program.
  • Schedule Status Visualization: Illustrates projects categorized by their schedule status, distinguished as On Schedule (Green), Late (Yellow), or very late (Red).
  • Detailed scheduled Status Breakdown: Presents a granular breakdown of projects with their respective schedule statuses, emphasizing any deviations from the original timeline.
  • Comprehensive Project Summary: Delivers an exhaustive project overview, inclusive of detailed task information for a thorough understanding.

Filters: Tailor your data exploration using filters for Project and Project Custom fields, empowering users to customize the view based on specific requirements.

Benefits for Capital Project Owners:

  • Holistic Program Overview: Attain a consolidated perspective of the entire capital program, enhancing comprehension of its scale and complexity.
  • Easy Identification of Schedule Delays: Color-coded phases serve as visual indicators, swiftly revealing projects encountering scheduling challenges.
  • Proactive Schedule Oversight: Projects categorized by schedule status offer a proactive strategy for managing delays and mitigating potential risks.
  • In-depth Project Insights: The project summary with details facilitates a detailed examination of each project, aiding precise decision-making.
  • Data Analysis: Now Your Data will Talk! Take the decisions backed by the numbers. This dashboard will help owners get the reports based on your project data, that will enable them take data-driven decisions.

4. PM Workload Dashboard:

The PM Dashboard in our toolkit offers valuable insights for Project Managers, providing tangible business benefits for capital project owners:

  • Project Count Overview: Quickly assess the total number of projects overseen by project owners.
  • Workload Distribution by Phase: Visualize projects categorized by their respective phases, depicting the distribution of workload among project managers.
  • Financial Allocation by Project Managers: Gain insights into budget allocation and management by different project managers.

Benefits for Capital Project Owners:

  • Workload Management: Project managers can efficiently monitor their work tasks, ensuring effective project management prioritization.
  • Optimized resource Utilization: Insight into project phases and budget management empowers managers to allocate resources strategically, enhancing overall project efficiency.
  • Financial Oversight: Gain clarity on budget distribution among project managers and capital project owners to make informed, data-driven decisions, contributing to overall project success.
  • Customized Data Exploration: The inclusion of filters allows owners to tailor data exploration, customizing the view to specific business requirements and objectives.

5. Schedule Variance Dashboard:

The Schedule Variance Dashboard in our toolkit delivers essential insights for capital project owners, presenting specific business benefits:

  • Project Count: Obtain a complete understanding of the total number of projects included in the Schedule Variance analysis.
  • Visual Schedule Variance: Observe the schedule variance between the current project status and the baseline through an intuitive Gantt chart organized by Master Tasks.

Filters: Utilize adaptable filters for Project and Project Custom fields, empowering users to tailor the data view to meet their specific needs.

Benefits for Capital Project Owners:

  • Real-Time Schedule Oversight: Capital Project owners access real-time insights into schedule variances across projects, facilitating proactive management and timely interventions.
  • Critical Master Task Identification: The Gantt chart highlights schedule variances at the Master Task level, aiding in the identification of crucial tasks impacting the overall project timeline.
  • Easy Issue Identification: Vigilant monitoring of schedule variances enables project owners to detect issues early on, allowing for timely adjustments and mitigating potential delays.
  • Informed Decision-Making: Informed by accurate and up-to-date schedule variance data, capital project owners can strategically optimize project timelines and resource allocation.
  • Tailored Data Analysis: The inclusion of filters empowers users to customize data analysis, focusing on specific projects or criteria aligned with their unique business requirements and goals.

Why Experience OnIndus Dashboard Kit?

The OnIndus Dashboard Kit is a complete reporting package that helps you create a transparent and data-based project management setup by facilitating the following:

  • A clear understanding of the project status and performance
  • Informed decision-making due to real-time insight and data-driven communication
  • Collaboration among team members as a common platform to share information
  • Effective utilization of allocated resources
  • Identification of expected delays and cost overruns with the help of diligent task and budget tracking

How Does the OnIndus Dashboard Kit Transform Project Management?

The OnIndus Dashboard Kit transforms your project management experience in many ways. The project management software offers essential features while providing customized services for your special needs. Let us see how these advantages come together to generate a positive project management experience for our esteemed clients.

The capital project department of a leading U.S. State University that managed 1500+ construction projects across 20+ campuses adopted PMIS to monitor costs and scheduling. However, they still needed help in monitoring the overall program progress and team workload.

The OnIndus team collected data from the stakeholders and developed a roadmap for step-by-step implementation of the new solution. As a solution, our team of experts implemented a Project Monitoring Dashboard and a PM Workload Dashboard for progress updates.

Soon, the department could reap the benefits of these customized dashboards: 

  • Real-time monitoring of PMIS adoption by the team
  • Custom-built dashboard to track projects and reduce risks
  • Accurate estimation and reporting of project cash flows

Who Can Benefit from the OnIndus Dashboard Kit?

Ideal for capital projects, the OnIndus Dashboard Kit is tailored for sectors such as it is designed to benefit a diverse range of stakeholders involved in capital project management. This comprehensive toolkit caters to decision-makers of capital projects & project managers, and anyone seeking streamlined and data-driven solutions and who believes in rapid decision-making to accelerate growth for efficient project management. The OnIndus Dashboard Kit empowers you with valuable insights and tools for enhanced decision-making and overall project success.


In the competitive landscape of the construction industry, efficient project management is a cornerstone of our project’s success. The OnIndus Dashboard Kit is your perfect partner in the project management journey. The reporting kit empowers you to take charge of your projects, plans, and deliveries equally without compromising the budget or usability. So, book a Demo now and enter the world of efficient project management with the OnIndus Dashboard Kit.


1. Is the OnIndus Dashboard Kit suitable for businesses with limited capital resources?

Of course. The OnIndus Dashboard Kit is specifically designed to counter budget constraints of project management software implementation for start-ups and small or mid-sized businesses. Therefore, when you opt for the OnIndus Dashboard kit, you need not make any large upfront investment and recurring payments.

2. Do users need technical expertise to navigate and use the OnIndus Dashboard Kit effectively?

No, the OnIndus Dashboard Kit offers a user-friendly interface that facilitates simple navigation through dashboards and lets non-technical users utilise its features effectively. It has a minimal learning curve, ensuring the teams get familiar with the software quickly and reap its benefits in no time.

3. Is ongoing support available for users of the OnIndus Dashboard Kit?

Yes. We are committed to providing a smooth user experience to ensure our clients make full use of the software and make their projects a success. We offer the following resources:

  • Online educational resources
  • Training materials
  • Customer support team to troubleshoot any issues and answer your questions

4. What components are included in the OnIndus Dashboard Kit?

The OnIndus Dashboard Kit is a package of valuable components to streamline your project management process. Some of them are:

  • Five pre-built dashboards
  • Real-time data and insights
  • Task management and collaboration tools
  • Resource allocation and budget tracking
  • Reports and analytics

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