OnIndus attended the 61st Annual Western Winter Workshop in California.

Western Winter Workshop

OnIndus, a provider of digital construction transformation services and products, was a part of the 61st Annual Western Winter Workshop in Indian Wells, CA from March 3 to March 6, 2022. Western Winter Workshop™ is an industry event pulling together capital program organizations, executives, contractors, consultants, innovators and technology solution professionals who share the common goal of driving successful project delivery.

The OnIndus team attended various insightful sessions organized at the event and got a chance to learn about the different challenges that organizations were facing while being confronted with complex capital projects within their organizations. Sessions that depicted the construction challenges in the airline industry and the metro transportation organizations in the Los Angeles area, were particularly informative.  It gave the team an opportunity to learn about the new developments that needed reform in the way construction technology solutions are addressed in the planning and execution of projects.

PMIS solutions were a key factor in many discussions around understanding how technology can help to get better control over capital projects. The OnIndus team gained a greater perspective on what was common among a majority of peers and industry experts present at the event, who were looking to improve their organization’s abilities to get construction done more efficiently and cost effective.

“I liked the breakout sessions the most because you were in a smaller group, and you could talk directly to the SMEs that were presenting, with any and all questions you might have had.  The hand-outs and information that was shared was very informative,” said Tyrone Glenn, Capital Program Advisor, OnIndus.

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