OnIndus will be at the 4th Infraday Midwest on 13th June in Chicago IL

OnIndus will be at the 4th Infraday Midwest on 13th June in Chicago IL.

Join us at the 4th Infraday Midwest event in Chicago, IL, on June 13th, where the OnIndus team will showcase our expertise in Capital Project Management and Construction Technology. We are excited to participate and contribute to the discussions on key topics.

From OnIndus, Stephen Sproul, Director-Solutions will be join the panel discussion on the topic- “Tools, Tips, and Tech for ESG – Best Practices for Managing and Measuring your Environmental, Sustainability, and Governance Goals.” The panel will delve into the role of technology in managing and measuring ESG goals, emphasizing the use of software solutions and tools for assessing environmental factors, governance frameworks, and enhancing transparency, accuracy, and credibility in ESG reporting.

And, Sid Shah, President of OnIndus will be joining the other experts for the discussion on the topic- “Can Technology Meet the Moment? Build Public Trust & Improve Outcomes with Asset Lifecycle Management.”

This panel will explore the role of public funding in driving large capital projects in the Midwest, identify factors that can impede infrastructure improvement, and examine how technology can address these challenges. Asset Lifecycle Management, which integrates digital technologies for project delivery, ongoing maintenance, and operations of physical assets, will also be a focal point.

Talking about Infraday Midwest event, this event aims to bring together policymakers, industry experts, researchers, and stakeholders to discuss the challenges and opportunities related to infrastructure development and modernization across the Midwest region.

Public infrastructure in the Midwest plays a crucial role in supporting economic growth, connectivity, and quality of life for its residents. The region encompasses a vast network of infrastructure, including roads, bridges, airports, railways, water and wastewater systems, energy grids, and public facilities. Investments in the Midwest’s public infrastructure aim to address maintenance and modernization needs, enhance transportation efficiency, promote sustainable practices, and ensure resilient infrastructure systems. These efforts are crucial for fostering regional development, attracting businesses, facilitating trade, improving mobility, and providing essential services to communities throughout the Midwest. Public-private partnerships, federal funding, and collaboration among various stakeholders are vital for sustaining and advancing infrastructure initiatives in the region.

We look forward to seeing you at the Infraday Midwest event!

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