Does Your Managed Services Have a Change Management Component?

PMIS Managed Services

The Capital Construction Space is an increasingly complex and competitive market, and it is of utmost importance that leaders focus on strategic, client-focused services to achieve the competitive edge. The abundance of crucial operational responsibilities tends to hamper organizations from focusing on their main priorities. This leads many organizations to ask the million-dollar question – How to pursue monitoring operational efficiencies without sacrificing client service, time, and resources? The solution: Managed Services.

What is Managed Services?

A managed service partnership handles the day-to-day operation of an organization and takes charge for maintaining and foreseeing the need for a range of processes and functions in order to improve operations.

Why adopt Managed Services?

For most organizations, retaining in-house support staff and updating them to the new software system requires a substantial amount of capital spending and risk. building construction project management skills and a firm understanding of programs, processes, and procedures require milestone-driven dedication and focus. 

A Managed Service Provider (MSP) is capable of taking on the responsibility of program management tasks, helping a program achieve a projectable ROI on the creation of a well-oiled procedural machine and the tools leveraged to do so.

PMIS Managed Services

Be it healthcare, finance, automotive, hospitality, entertainment, manufacturing business, or any other industry, having a MSP is key. These MSPs can offer a wide range of services that include and are not limited to consulting, technology, and financing services to cater to the needs of the various industries all over the world. The construction industry too benefits from these MSPs – Organizations like OnIndus delivers a hands-on approach to managing the construction projects, from its inception to completion, and deploys tailored resources to meet the requirements of each client and provides them with an end-to-end solution to their challenges.

OnIndus – A Managed Service Provider

Organizations partner with OnIndus to achieve world-class managed services designed for data collection and operational improvement. OnIndus’s distinctive service model allows organizations to achieve efficiency and flexibility while controlling their expenses.

OnIndus’s managed services program is a support arm that provides programs with a variety of services including but not limited to the following: Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP), Reporting Engines, PMIS Training, Troubleshooting, Configuration Updates, and Change Management Enforcement.

Change management is a trending topic, yet it remains an elusive talking point in conference rooms. The concept has become one of the most critical success factors for any industry in today’s ever-changing world, and OnIndus is a proud provider of strategies to deliver the change management concept to its clients as part of its managed services offering.

OnIndus’s Managed Services HAS a Change Management Component

Change management, by definition, is a methodical approach that includes dealing with the transition or transformation of organizational goals, processes, core values, and technologies. The purpose of every change management program is to successfully execute strategies and techniques to create a catalyst for change that facilitates people to accept and adapt. 

It is very difficult for organizations to adapt to new capital improvement technology. Many-a-times, the new goal and vision, and the reason for the change have not been communicated clearly through the different layers of the organizational hierarchy. Most importantly, at times, not everyone is on board with the intent. 

The construction industry is not immune to these challenges. Firms invest in new PMIS systems but do not get their workforce properly trained to manage and implement it correctly. It is at this point that OnIndus steps in and works with all stakeholders and their teams to help them through the transition process. The OnIndus team provides best practice expertise in the execution of this delicate yet necessary process enabling every member to feel involved, empowered and appreciated. The team leads the transition process by following a consumable curriculum of procedural and systematic training of the software and business processes. The initiative is based on the philosophy known as the “7Rs of change management” (who Raised the change, Reason for the change, Return on the change, Risk of the change, Resources needed for the change, Responsible for the change, Recurring training). Additionally, OnIndus supplements training by furnishing a learning portal used to track the training progress of all participants, exposing the overall progression of the change.  

change management plan for construction project

Evolution is the only constant in every organization – those who are able to control, project and methodically adapt to it will achieve the theoretical intent of any organizational change resulting from system implementations.


Organizations place a priority on operational efficiency, but not all are equally equipped to sustain this efficiency. Managed services have been on the rise in the corporate world, with reportedly 64% of organizations in 2016 using Managed services of some type or another. The same report, Managed Services Market Size & Share Report, 2021-2028, projected a Managed services market growth rate of 12.5% between 2017 and 2020, making this valuable asset all the more relevant across the board.

It is very important to find an MSP that empowers businesses with the attention it deserves with reliable service. Furthermore, it is equally important to find a seasoned provider that will walk you through the complexities of organizational change. 

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